Biscoff Hamantaschen⁣ SWI…

👂Biscoff Hamantaschen👂⁣
Happy Purim! Now some people may be wondering, what on earth is a Lotus Hamantaschen? Well its a lotus spread filled Biscuit eaten to celebrate the Jewish festival of Purim! I made a marbled chocolate biscuit, and filled it with crunchy Lotus Biscoff spread and a Lindor Mini Egg to add an extra fill to the centre!⁣

These tasted INSANE!!!! (And I’m not just saying that because I made them!). What is the relevance of a triable biscuit to the festival? Well the story of Purim is how a man named Haman tried to have the Jewish people killed, and the HAMANtaschen are meant to represent his ears (typing it out this does sound rather odd!)⁣

History aside I will never pass at an excuse to bake a biscuit and fill it with a spread! I currently have another batch cooking filled with my Creme Egg spread! Will post the results to my story!⁣

Happy Purim to all those who are also celebrating! (Fun fact, on purim it is encouraged to get VERY drunk!)⁣

Want to make at home? This recipe is an adapted version of @smittenkitchen! Check theirs out!⁣

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