Cadbury Marshmallow Bunn…

🐰 Cadbury Marshmallow Bunny 🐰 ⁣ SWIPE TO DISSECT ———>⁣
NOTE: No real bunnies were harmed in the making of this post! Now this really felt like an expectation vs reality. The packaging shows a cute little chocolate bunny with pointy ears, and the reality, well a blob shape half resembling a rabbit? ⁣

Where this treat failed visually, it makes up for in taste! The vanilla levels in this are perfect, and the chocolate is nice and milky! ⁣

In my rankings of chocolate covered marshmallows featured on my page, this falls second below the soft kiss chamallows, but above the egg shaped marshmallows! ⁣

Still I do love to see something new and different at easter, and as always something not chocolate orange is a win in my books!⁣

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