Caramel Biscuit Popcorn ⁣…

🍿Caramel Biscuit Popcorn🍿 ⁣
Hi guys benji is ooo (out of office) for his birthday weekend but we didn’t want to keep you all waiting for your next snack fix so ive snack hacked (noun) him for this newly popped release of nearly but not quite biaxoff popcorn ⁣

If im Honest i was expecting more – these tasted like dusty crumbs at the bottom of the spice cupboard not a fan hopefully the next installation will pop off until then xoxo gossip girl.⁣

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7 thoughts on “Caramel Biscuit Popcorn ⁣…

  1. Don’t have that problem with ours 😉 no mistaking what the flavours are as they are throughout the entire bucket 😋 🍿

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