Creme Egg Hamantaschen⁣ S…

🍳Creme Egg Hamantaschen🍳⁣
Well I never back down on a promise! After posting the lotus spread I felt guilty not making some Hamantaschen without using one of my spreads… So the creme egg spread was made, biscuits filled and cooked and here we have it!⁣

I obviously melted down some extra spread to drizzle, and placed a perfectly balanced spare Mini Creme Egg on top of the stack to test my balancing skills (which apparently aren’t bad!) These do taste INSANE!!!!⁣

The cookie is basically a shortbread cookie, and paired with the holy creme egg spread, this is a real winner!⁣

Let me know what you guys think!⁣

The recipe for the spread is available for FREE on my website (link in bio)⁣

NOTE: The spread is not a real product, and not for sale, nor will it ever be for sale, so please stop asking me to order, the answer will always be a big fat NO⁣

And of course, for those celebrating, HAPPY PURIM!⁣

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9 thoughts on “Creme Egg Hamantaschen⁣ S…

  1. Omgomgomgomg this is amazing!!!! Happy Purim!! We were planning on going to buy choc hamantaschen today buttt they just won’t live up to this epic creation 😩😩

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