Milkybar Munchies⁣ Happy …

⚪️Milkybar Munchies⚪️⁣
Happy Throwsnack Thursday all! Milkybar Munchies were a creation I wish I experienced! Listen I know we have white chocolate munchies, but there is something about Milkybar that brings me so much joy! ⁣

These sadly were discontinued in early 2000s and allegedly were marketed to adults! ⁣

Did you guys try them? If so did you enjoy?! ⁣

Throwsnack? Whats that?⁣

Throwsnack :⁣
[th-row-sn-a-ck] noun ⁣
To throw it back to a land before time, where snacks were infinitely better and more creative. The throw snack itself is created by a deep time travelling AI providing you the tastiest of images.⁣

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19 thoughts on “Milkybar Munchies⁣ Happy …

  1. These were biscuit pieces covered in white chocolate. They were like the cookies and creme we have now but with regular biscuit instead of choc biscuit.

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