19 thoughts on “New WTF Fanta ⁣⁣ Okay I …

  1. What are they even thinking with all these mystery flavours? None seem to have been good at all! Only one I’ve tried was the blue one when that one came out. It was honestly gross, can’t remember what the flavour was but we still have a little bit left but no one wants it, so it’s just in the cooler still 😂 there is 4 of us in my house too and none liked it!

  2. I’ve had the strawberry and cream one and the passionfruit and dragon fruit. They were nice, not tried the 3rd one. I was hesistant as the blue one I had last time tasted like rotten meat

  3. There are three different flavours, so you never know which you’ll get. But I avoid it since the disgusting blue one that made me feel sick; only to later find out it was peach and tomato flavour. 🤢

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