Skittles Gummies I thi…

🌈 Skittles Gummies 🌈
I think this may be the first time I can honestly say, I prefer a UK version of a sweet! Whilst us UK folk got the Skittles Cloudz, our good old folk across the ping got these Skittles Gummies! How did I get them here then you may (or may not) ask?! Well of course! And you can get them too using the code SNACK10 for a 10% discount off your order!

Now the taste. These are good, like they really are really good, but I can’t get my head around American flavours! The purple is grape?! What did blackcurrant do to hurt you USA?! The regular favours are the less exciting of the two pack, the berry ones however are a lot nice! Again though, less skittle flavours and more a tasty gummy sweet! I would love to see a Cloudz variety of the wild berry pack!!!

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11 thoughts on “Skittles Gummies I thi…

  1. Grape replaced blackcurrant due to black currants killing our pine trees by spreading a fungus that only grew on black currants, thus the switch in flavors. It’s illegal to grow blackcurrants in the untied states.

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