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⚪️ White Chocolate Nutella ⚪️⁣
Inspired by two of the greatest snack creators, @thesnackcontroller and @aufstrichqueen_vera (Check out their creations which are 100x cooler than mine!!). I thought what better way to spend my Saturday morning than with my own attempt at making the famous White Chocolate Nutella!!⁣

As a first attempt I am so happy with how this came out!! It was a whole process making it (which I will explain below) but the final result is a thick creamy hazelnut white chocolate dream! Even went and photoshopped a white chocolate label to fit the jar!⁣

So how can you make some? Everyones recipes so far I have seen have been a little different but I found this tasted the best:⁣

– 310g White Chocolate (I used a Dream bar found in B&M) ⁣
– 2.5tbs of Sunflower oil (can probably use any oil, but this is all I had!)⁣
– 2tsp Vanilla Extract⁣
– 170g of raw peeled hazelnuts⁣

1. Break down all the chocolate into small chunks and microwave in 20 second busts until melted, put to one side.⁣
2. IF you have skinned hazelnuts skip this step, but I couldn’t find skinned, so I roasted in a pan on the hob for 2 mins, then peeled, and roasted for a further minute.⁣
3. Put the hazelnuts in a blender (I used my trusty Nutribullet) until a fine powdery texture.⁣
4. Add the vanilla and oil, blend some more until combined.⁣
5. Add the now cooled white chocolate and blend for the final time until you are left with a smooth spread!⁣
6. EXTRA STEP Get the lid of your blender stuck and spend 10mins googling how to remove it, to find running under a hot tap balances the temperature difference and breaks the vacuum created!⁣

There you guys have it. A quick and easy(ish) make at home white chocolate Nutella.⁣

Once again thank you @thesnackcontroller and @aufstrichqueen_vera for inspiring me and making this weekend a lot less boring!⁣

If anyone wants the PNG of the label DM me and will send it to you!!⁣

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